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Re: Debian Developer LDAP

Mark Bucciarelli <mark@easymailings.com> wrote:
> I've volunteered to help build a database of KDE advocates and am 
> starting the design.  A previous kde-promo thread mentioned the 
> Debian LDAP gateway as a possible model to follow.

> I would be interested in any feedback the Debian developers have on 
> this system.  It seems to have a lot of nice functionality, but I'd 
> like to know how it actually get's used.  (For example, it seems 
> xplanet stuff doesn't work right now--no X's on the map, and the 
> coords file is empty.)  

This is reported in the BTS and only broke a short time ago.

> Here's a few questions that I came up with.  I'm interested in any and 
> all feedback, so don't feel limited by this set. :)

> (1) what do you find most useful?

The e-mail gateway.
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