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postgresql RC bug: Help needed in tracking this down

There's a problem somewhere in postgresql-dump which is called by the
post-installation script, but I can't find it.  I would welcome help
from anyone who can take a look and find where the bug is.

Problem: under some circumstances, /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf is
overwritten by a one line file reading "local all trust".  This must be
done by postgresql-dump in order to assure itself full access so that it
can do the dump and restore for a new database version of postgresql,
but the trap statements in the script should restore the proper
pg_hba.conf  (unless someone does kill -9).  For unkown reasons the
proper file is not being restored during some upgrades.  It looks as
though postgresql-dump is being called when an upgrade is not needed,
but I'm not sure if this is a result or a cause of the problem.

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