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Debian Developer LDAP

I've volunteered to help build a database of KDE advocates and am 
starting the design.  A previous kde-promo thread mentioned the 
Debian LDAP gateway as a possible model to follow.

I would be interested in any feedback the Debian developers have on 
this system.  It seems to have a lot of nice functionality, but I'd 
like to know how it actually get's used.  (For example, it seems 
xplanet stuff doesn't work right now--no X's on the map, and the 
coords file is empty.)  

Here's a few questions that I came up with.  I'm interested in any and 
all feedback, so don't feel limited by this set. :)

(1) what do you find most useful?  least?

(2) do people really update their records?  (For example, what 
percentage of entries were updated last year?  What percentage of 
entries have not been updated at all for two years?  three years?)

(3) is the email gateway used?

(4) are there any docs I can read?  (The KDE thread made mention of 
some python scripts.)

(5) if I decide to follow the LDAP route, is there someone here who 
would be willing to take some time to give me a bit of guidance?

While an LDAP approach seems to be the correct one, I've no experience 
with it so I'm leery of starting something I cannot finish.

Thanks for any feedback.


P.S. I'm not subscribed, so please CC me.

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