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Re: Work-needing packages report for Apr 11, 2003

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 10:57:34PM +0200, Lars Bahner wrote:
> I am not currently using anything on the wnpp-list, but it
> seems to me that not all these packages are better off gotten
> rid off.
> Does anyone know something about the importance of these 
> packages?

> I would suspect packages like:
> exim-tls

Obsolete with the soon-pending exim 4, iirc.

> udhcpd

Do we need another dhcp server?

> defoma(!)

Hopefully somebody will pick it up and make it stop sucking so

> mserver

Looks insignificant.

> scanmail

Loads of alternatives in the archive.

> mnogosearch

Again, several alternatives.

> cadaver

You get ten of these to the penny.

> phpgroupware

Again, several alternatives.

> pppoeconf

Yay, another config tool. Just what we need.

> pptp-linux

AIUI, you have to rebuild your kernel with a patch, and the version of
the patch in the archive doesn't work on recent kernels. So I doubt
many people will be hugely affected.

> to be of some importance. I feel obliged to take responsibility for
> at least one of them, but - as I said - I use none of them (except
> for defoma of course).
> So, do we have some way of separating that which we really want
> to get rid off from that which unfortuneately has been orphaned?

If nobody is willing to take responsibility for it, we want to get rid
of it.

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