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Re: Work-needing packages report for Apr 11, 2003

I am not currently using anything on the wnpp-list, but it
seems to me that not all these packages are better off gotten
rid off.

Does anyone know something about the importance of these 
packages? Has/can someone run this against the popularity-contest?

My point is that I could prolly adopt a package or two, but have 
no knowledge or particular interest in what is being offered.

On the other hand we should probably take care of the packages
we have before we take on new ones, I suppose.

I would suspect packages like:

to be of some importance. I feel obliged to take responsibility for
at least one of them, but - as I said - I use none of them (except
for defoma of course).

So, do we have some way of separating that which we really want
to get rid off from that which unfortuneately has been orphaned?

More over I wish to revive the inflammable discussion as to 
whether or not it would be a good idea to have a section in
the archives for unmaintained, much like non-US or non-free.

I really think it is the best thing for our users if they
can see up front that the package that they are about to install
is not necessarily likely to be bugfixed in the foreseeable 
future. Furthermore if they don't have the skills to fix things
themselves, then they just cut of that apt-source.


On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 12:32:33AM -0400, wnpp@debian.org wrote:
> Report about packages that need work for Apr 11, 2003
> Total number of packages offered up for adoption: 63
> Number of packages offered up for adoption this week: 3
> Total number of orphaned packages: 196
> Number of packages orphaned this week: 26
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