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Re: Bug#188564: ITP: exim-mysql -- An MTA (Mail Transport Agent) with mysql backend support.

* David B Harris (david@eelf.ddts.net) [030411 13:05]:
> On Fri Apr 11, 11:47am +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > * Package name    : exim-mysql
> >   Version         : 3.36
> > 
> > I already packaged with one (exim compiled with mysql and tls support).
> > I needed it personally, with the provided debian exim package a
> > recompile is necessary to use a mysql backend.
> > debian package mirror: http://draenor.its-toasted.org/~phil/deb-pkgs
> > distribution: unstable
> > component: unofficial

> For what it's worth, exim4-daemon-heavy includes MySQL support; this
> package isn't in the archive yet, I grabbed it from q.bofh.de at some
> point, and that's stopped working.

They are in experimental, see

At q.bofh.de are still backports to woody that work fine, also under
testing. (And at least the backports are really usable and have a
_very_ nice configuration setup. I can't say anything about
experimental, as I haven't tried them yet.)

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