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Re: >2000 packages still waiting to enter testing, > 1500 over age


Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Michael Banck]
> > I object. Not entering testing could very well happen if the
> > package's dependencies are broken/buggy/uninstallable.
> Yes, there are many reasons for a package to get stuck in unstable.
> But I believe it is the maintainers responsibility to make sure his
> packages do enter testing, and if he fail to do so for _300_ days, the
> package is not well maintained and can probably be removed.
> If there is a problem with one of the depends, he should assist the
> maintainer of the problematic package, or drop the depend on the
> package.  There are several options available for a maintainer with a

Let's talk a bit about OpenOffice.org and why it is not in testing.

OOo depends on libstlport4.5c102, which needs to go into testing.
Unfortunately libstlport4.5 only can go into testing when the new
boost 1.30.0 goes in (because there the RC bugs is fixed which
held boost back and entering libstlport4.5c102 into testing would break
the boost in testing).

The new boost now is in unstable but depends on a newer libgcc1, gcc-3.2
depends on binutils which has a RC bug.

And voilà, no OOo in testing.

And we are preparing 1.0.3 right now which _may_ hold it up even

And if we decide to use the stlport version shipped with OOo we wouldn't
be faster in testing because we would have a Depends on the newer
libgcc1 / libstdc++5 and run into this Depends on binutils again.

And at least for C++ application compiled in the last days this
situation is almost the same....


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