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>2000 packages still waiting to enter testing, > 1500 over age

I got a script I am running on a subset of the debian packages (the
subset used by Skolelinux) to produce a summary of the package
difference between testing and unstable.  I have now set it up to
generate the same list for all of the packages in the execuse file.
The list got the following statistics:

 - 2164 packages total.
 - 2148 packages with differences.
 - 1020 valid packages.
 - 372 buggy packages.
 - 1549 packages over age.
 - 533 packages to young.
 - 46 packages marked for removal.
 - Archiectures missing packages: arm(210) alpha(186) m68k(177)
				  hppa(150) mips(144) ia64(139)
				  powerpc(126) s390(123) sparc(120)
				  mipsel(112) i386(6)

Based on update_excuses.html generated 2003.04.08 23:22:22 +0000.

The up to date list is available from

I suggest we remove packages which haven't entered testing after more
more then 300 days.

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