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Re: Popularity contest web pages

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 02:40:18PM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
> <http://people.debian.org/~apenwarr/popcon/>
> It seems that Joey Hess is wanting to make more use of it so it seems
> like a good time to improve it.
> Anybody up for this task ?

I'm currently working on integrating popcon's information into DDPO[1]

[1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php

Igor Genibel 
http://www.answare.fr/                             igor.genibel@eds.com
http://www.tuxfamily.org/			     igor@tuxfamily.net
http://people.debian.org/~igenibel		    igenibel@debian.org
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