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Re: automatic apache alias configuration

>     Alias /fibusql /usr/share/fibusql
> is required in /etc/apache[-ssl]/httpd.conf.
> AFAICS there are those options:
> 1. not configuring the alias automatically at all, but only write a
>    note to README.Debian (and possibly a debconf note)
> 2. ask whether the alias should be installed and removed automatically
>    in the maintainer scripts.
>    2.1 in httpd.conf (as seems to be the convention, since all other
>        *.conf recommend to only use httpd.conf)
>    2.2 srm.conf (as e. g. gcdb does)
>    2.3 My own fibusql.conf (included by httpd.conf, so the latter
>        still has to be modified)

I think (1) would be the best solution. The Apache configuration
is rather complicated, as you pointed out. So I think it's just
impossible to do it right automatically.

I would write a note to README.Debian and show a debconf note
to the user.


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