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Re: God educational programs needs Debian devellopers to make packages.

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, Gunner Poulsen wrote:

> I hope someone can help me.
Perhaps, but may be you can help yourself a little bit.

At first you might read


This message explains how to ask for inclusion of a program into Debian.

> I am a part of a danish project that work for the use of Open Source
> software in schools (www.gnuskole.dk).
Perhaps the debian-edu mailing list deserves some extra notice at your site.
People there care specially for educational software.

> Wee plan to make a Knoppix
> special for Danish teachers.
> But some of the programs that are great fore use in schools don't exist
> as Debian-packages.
> Would someone help by becomming maintainer of these programs?
What do you mean by "help by becomming maintainer"?  Do you want to
try packaging yourself.  It is not as hard as it might sound.  Just
start reading developers reference and look at some examples.  Once
you have something you might ask at debian-mentors for sponsors.

> It is:
> Planets: http://planets.homedns.org/

> Propo: http://www.kolumbus.fi/matias.dahl/
Interesting as well. You should definitely make sure that it works
with the JVM provided by Debian.

> GramJ: http://www.gnuskole.dk/~gramj/
Having a link to an English page would definitely more interesting
for potential mantainers.

> Pleace let me know if anyone takes the challenge.
Just try to catch more interest by providing some interesting things
to start - may be Debian packages which could been sponsored.
(Read new maintainers corner at www.debian.org for this.)

Kind regards


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