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Re: Apt-get for users

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > What is the worst that can happen?  Seriously, as long as they are
> > using the package system they are in pretty good hands and it is
> > difficult to break things in really bad ways.
> It's difficult to _unintentionally_ break things in really bad ways.  It is
> quite easy to break things (or do anything else with root) intentionally.
> So this kind of setup only works with users who are trusted in the first
> place.  sudo for apt-get is security-equivalent to unrestricted root access.

Agreed.  But what I had not said was that these same users have
previously had full root on their systems and have been used to just
hacking on files anywhere on the system.  With non-Debian systems that
is often the only way to do things.  And they still have root on their
systems.  Therefore providing the sudo apt-get is still a big
improvement.  It works so well that users are not inclined to do
anything else.  Debian's framework is providing much needed order out
of the chaos.  And it is working great.  People moving from the old
systems to the new ones running Debian are liking the change.


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