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Re: Porting packages to use po-debconf for debconf template translation management

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On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 10:31:15AM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:

> > I'm also concerned about backports. I have the impression that changing
> > packages to use po-debconf will actually make things worse for
> > backporters trying to make packages build correclty on Woody.
> > Could someone give me some hints on how should I proceed ?
> Use of po-debconf does not require a dependency, only a build-dependency;
> the binary packages contain merged templates files as before, and these
> files require only a current version of debconf to be used correctly.

Sorry. I should have said build-dependency instead of dependency. Anyway,
po-debconf must be installed at the build machine under which the
backporter is doing the package build. Is it okay for a backported package
to be built in unstable when it will actually be used under stable ?

If it's okay, I shouldn't worry too much, as the backporter probably
will be a Debian developer which will be providing a nice service to
his/her package users and already has access to an unstable machine

However, if the recommended method is to build a backported package
under the distribution it's being backported to (and I think that's
the case), it would be good if po-debconf were backported to stable.
I'll take a look at po-debconf and see if it's too much work (i.e. if
it does need the newer perl from unstable). Denis, do you tkink it's
doable ?

BTW, does someone knows if I should declare a versioned build-dependency
on po-debconf or just build-depending on any po-debconf version is ok ?


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