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Re: Bug#187548: ITP: newpg -- A module that covers GpgSM (S/MIME encryption and key-management) and SCDaemon (for Smartcard access).

On Fri Apr 04, 02:31pm -0600, Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 04-Apr-03, 08:38 (CST), David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> wrote: 
> > And descriptions should be relatively understood by people who have
> > almost no idea what the package is for beforehand; if they can't
> > eliminate it as a possibility for whatever package they're looking for,
> > it's a useless description.
> But there's a limit to this: it's okay to describe something as "A Perl
> module to perform Fast Fourier Transforms" without defining what FFTs
> are, because Debian package descriptions are not math textbooks.

Of course, there's a limit :) Just stating what I thought the limit was,
in this particular instance. Also qualified it with "relatively" and
"almost" - in this case, with your example, I would expect somebody to
know beforehand what Perl was, and what a module was. Given that, the
description is enough to rule it out as a possibility for what they're
looking for in most cases.

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