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Re: Bug#187548: ITP: newpg -- A module that covers GpgSM (S/MIME encryption and key-management) and SCDaemon (for Smartcard access).

On 04-Apr-03, 08:38 (CST), David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> wrote: 
> And descriptions should be relatively understood by people who have
> almost no idea what the package is for beforehand; if they can't
> eliminate it as a possibility for whatever package they're looking for,
> it's a useless description.

But there's a limit to this: it's okay to describe something as "A Perl
module to perform Fast Fourier Transforms" without defining what FFTs
are, because Debian package descriptions are not math textbooks.

When in doubt, error on the side of verbosity, so that the poor schmuck
can find it with 'apt-cache search [random keyword]'. For example, if I
packaging a FFT library, I'd want both "FFT" and "Fast Fourier" in the


Steve Greenland
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