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Re: Debian Subversion repository?

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 14:19, Roland Mas wrote:
> John Goerzen (2003-04-02 20:35:46 -0600) :
> > Which brings me to Debian.  I think that Subversion would be a
> > natural fit for Alioth.  At the minimum, we could set up
> > svn.debian.org.  This would, I think, be a great boon to us.
> > Subversion provides many nice capabilities to sync different trees
> > together (in much the same way kernel developers do with bitkeeper),
> > and since much of Debian development is exactly that, it seems a
> > natural fit.
> Yes.  And one that lots of people ask for, but neither the Debian-SF
> maintainers nor the Gforge people have had time to address yet.

I use subversion for a project at work, and it should be said that
subversion is not yet of "production quality". That is I've screwed up a
CVS repository only once in many years, while I have to run subversion
recovery tools almost every week (and during the last 3 months, I had to
re-initialize my svn repository from scratch from the last backup).
Subversion 0.20-1 seems much more stable than the previous versions, but
people using subversion for "important work" should be warned that
frequent (at least daily) backups at necessary.

This tendancy to screw up its repositary aside, subversion is very nice
and practical to use, but its current instability tends to shadow this.


Vincent Renardias <vincent@strongholdnet.com>

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