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Re: nvidia display drivers

Received Thu 03 Apr 2003 10:23am +1000 from Bastiaan Naber:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to install the NVidia drivers.. (I know that they are bad but I do 
> my thesis work and I need a proper OpenGL, mesa doesn't render it correctly) 
> I downloaded the new installer from NVidia and try to build the kernel 
> module.. However I run unstable and the build fails and the nvidia log gives 
> the following error message:

I have a log of my install in


I've just repeated it with the newer version (4349) and it worked just
fine (and in fact fixed some bugs with the previous one). I'll update
the web page to reflect the newer numbers some time.

Essentially, as someone pointed out, you need:

	     CC=gcc-2.95 debian/rules binary_modules

when building the nvidia kernel package.


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