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Re: Debian Usability Research

On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Enrico Zini wrote:

> I hope you will decide to join in, and share the fun.
I might suggest to read


There is also a link to the Debian Subproject HOWTO which might be very
interesting to you.

Moreover this again brings up the question whether somebody would volunteer to
care for web pages common to Debian internal projects.  I would like to offer
help here.  The talks is available and I plan to publish a paper about this
topic in Linux Magazin.

> P.S.:
> I would really like to thank the staff of www.bononia.it for kindly
> volunteering to host the project.  We had already started setting up
> things there, but Alioth came in and it was the right place to be.
In my opinion the official Debian web sites near debian-jr, debian-med and
debian-desktop are the best place to host this project.

Kind regards


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