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Re: should I orphan linux-wlan-ng?

#include <hallo.h>
* Matt Zimmerman [Tue, Apr 01 2003, 09:00:35AM]:
> > > There are few differences between:
> > > 
> > > cd /usr/src
> > > tar xvzf module-source.tar.gz
> > > 
> > > and:
> > > 
> > > cd /usr/src/modules
> > > apt-get source module
> > 
> > I talk about packages (like alsa, em8300, lmsensors) where packages have
> > programs _and_ kernel modules.
> > 
> > And when I upgrade my kernel, I must recompile all the modules but _only_
> >
> > Because of it I need a way to recompile it. And -source packages and
> > make-kpkg give me the solution.
> This makes no difference.  The kernel modules are already built by a
> separate target in debian/rules.  Only the control file needs to be changed
> to produce the correct package name.
> You have not described any need for -source packages which would not be
> equally met by a tool like apt-src.

No. There is a difference, and that is why I refuse to accept apt-src
(at least now) as the panacea. With -source packages, it is very easy to
use functionality of apt-get, while apt-src does not provide really much
more than apt-get's "source" command.

 - You want to get multiple source packages? You install them with
   apt-get and run "unp *.tar.gz" in /usr/src. Similarly simple solution
   with apt-src? I fail to see one, not until there will be a simple
   script of apt-src extension.

 - Some modules do not build with the current kernel, but you wanna to
   move them out of the way temporarily? Just remove the directory in
   /usr/src/modules, you can always extract it. Sure, doable with
   apt-src as well but with less comfort.

 - You need to update the source? You run apt-get upgrade as usual and
   reexecute "unp *.tar.gz". This will _replace_ the old source while
   with apt-src AFAICS you would have to clean the old sources manually.
   Oh, of course you can play with its clean command together with
   --location etc., but it is NOT SMOOTH. Oh, and you do not even need
   to think about the upgrades, you will just see it in apt-listchanges
   and remember to rebuild your modules package.

 - Oh, and most distributed Debian CDs do not contain source packages,
   so you have to get a link to internet first. Imagine, you are on
   dialup with Debian CD#1 and you need sl-modem-source (modem driver),
   there is no other way to internet, what do you do? Curse the chicken,
   curse the egg or those how make them depend on each other?

Well, apt-src can serve for the most purposes. But before you cut the
line and force to use it, first make your solution equal!

 - Extend the source description fields to set kinda description flag
   and extend debiancd to include sources marked as "for-daily-use" on
   the CDs.
 - Extend apt-src to have catalogues of installed packages and kinda
   management for "profiles", so you can just say 
   apt-src upgrade kernel-stuff
 - Write some user docs about the new features
 - Contact other -source maintainers or file wishlist bugs to move the
   new solution

That is how you should manage that (IMNSHO), not by just switching to
wannabe-superiour apt-src without having any consens. And until that
happens, please keep providing the modules source as usual, in a manner
consistent with the current methods.


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