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[cyrille@chepelov.org: Re: valgrind status]

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Le Wed, Apr 02, 2003, à 01:03:17AM +0200, Marco d'Itri a écrit:
> Is the current maintainer MIA?

I am MIA indeed.

I also have been unable to send any mail to any of the Debian lists, for at
least since last summer; I called for help a couple of times, but the
problem has never been diagnosed, let alone be solved.

I asked Adam Heath, who did the NMU IIRC, whether he would take care of the
package. I did not receive an answer. Another guy proposed his help (not a
maintainer), and I agreed to review and sponsor his changes, I never heard
about him since.

I'm entirely overloaded, and unable to meet my commitments towards Debian
and the dia project; I'm now at the end of a self-inflicted "grace period" 
about this overload (damn, is today really *April* 2nd ???). 
I will start the orphaning & retiring procedure this week-end; your MIA
notice sort of happens just on time...

In the mean-time, please take over this package or coordinate the take-over
by another volunteer -- it's awkward for me, because I have only read-only 
list access. And because of the time, awkward translates to "next to

(I had made a patch for 2.5 support in the stable valgrind, but never got
the time to integrate it properly -- there were nasty corner cases. I'll try
to dig it up if the next maintainer is interested.
Packaging the development tree may make a lot of sense too.).

Feel free to forward this to any list.

	-- Cyrille


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