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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?


last call for complains about where to mount a writeable filesystem
when a RO / is to be used. The mountpoint is only to appear when a RO
/ is actually used so all you RW / users are totally unafected.

Opions so far have been (in order of my preference): (did I miss any sensible ones?)


Personally I realy dislike /var/run because it complicates things with
/var usualy being its own mountpoint already. Is has been pointed out
that /boot is also a bad idea so thats pretty much dead too.

/mem conflicts with /mnt on tab completion, /run with /root and /state
with /sbin. I need /mnt and /sbin more frequently than I need /root.

/etc/volatile would be out of the way. No pollution of /. I think
thats the best choise so far.

Please complain now otherwise I will submit a patch that allows
/etc/volatile to be used for writeable files during boot.


PS: If you don't want a RO / nothing will change for you so please
don't complain that you don't need RO / and thus none of the above
should be done. DON'T.

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