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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

Thomas Hood wrote:
> Many or most systems don't need /run; only those with a network-
> mounted /var need it.  Among the latter, many or most systems
> don't need /run to be on a ramdisk; only those without a rw
> local filesystem need it to be on a ramdisk.
> I suggest that only those systems that need /run get /run.
> And only those systems that need /run to be on a ramdisk get
> /run on a ramdisk.  This will minimize the number of systems
> that are affected.

To put it another way, this is something that an admin can hack around
as they are setting up a diskless type system. It needs no special
support from Debian, though we should document that /var/run must be
available before the network is brought up and could suggest that both
/var's have links to a /run directory. Of course if d-i got support for
setting up diskless systems, it would be modified to do that for the

We then can just move anything we like into /var/run, and stop worrying
about the issue. Seems reasonable to me.

see shy jo

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