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Re: standard for executable files under /usr/share

Russell Coker wrote:
> Another thing, something like this needs to be done at package install time.  
> When a package is installed it's files need to be labeled, if we add running 
> "file" on the files in the package to the list of things to do then package 
> installation becomes even slower.

After rereading the messages in the thread, it still is unclear to me what
exactly you're aiming at. If it's only a list of the executables that packages
ship with, maybe the right thing to have would be a variant of "dpkg -L package"
which is closer to "dpkg --contents package.deb"?
>From the discussion so far, I understand that you're more or less looking for
those files that match "^-..x..x..x" there (with a possible exclusion of
/usr/share/doc files). (Don't know about links, though.)
I must be missing why it is better that package maintainers declare something
executable by naming it or putting it in some special directory rather than
using the executable permission bits. (If it's just naming, how about renaming
them ".exe". No. Just kidding.)



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