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Re: Orphaning my packages

* Stefan Schwandter <swan@debian.org> [2003-02-18 10:26]:
> aseqview (ALSA sequencer viewer) - a very easy one. Don't know if it's
> fltk (GUI library) - if things go well, this package won't be needed
> fltk1.1 (GUI library) - C++ library, already built with g++-3.2
> snd, snd-motif (sound file editor) - has problems with building on some
> spiralsynthmodular (modular software synthesizer) - rather easy package,
> I hope that those package will find new maintainers soon. I'm sorry that
> I have to orphan them so soon after having become an official maintainer

Since no one has adopted these packages after a month, I think it's
time to file WNPP bugs so the packages are not forgotten about.
Stefan, I can easily do this for you if you want, or you can do it.

Martin Michlmayr

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