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standard for executable files under /usr/share

It seems that many packages have binaries under /usr/share, here are a few 
examples of regex's that match Debian-specific binaries under /usr/share:

The problem for me is that as part of my work maintaining Debian packages of 
SE Linux policy I have to track all of these.

The problem for SE Linux users is that there are undoubtably many I have not 
discovered yet which will therefore have the wrong security type on a default 
setup and not work.

The problem for the people who maintain such packages is that some SE Linux 
users may file bug reports against your package by mistake instead of 
informing me.

I suggest that we have a standard for names of such files.  Something like 
/usr/share/package/bin/.+ would do well.  That will make things a lot easier 
for SE Linux users (and users of other security systems).

Also there would be other benefits to such a scheme, if a package has a large 
number of files under /usr/share then it would be easier to determine which 
are programs and which are data files (for some scripts etc file(1) won't 
tell you the right things).

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