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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 02:04:14PM +0100, Marco d'Itri wrote:

> On Mar 11, Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> wrote:
>  >>  >/lib/modules/x.y.z/modules.* - this is horrible IMHO, it really lives
>  >>  >	under /var.
>  >> No bug here, these files are not supposed to be modified at any time.
>  >They are, at least once, and they should stay on the root filesystem.
> Yes, they are supposed to be modified when you install the modules.
> And obviously the file system has already to be mounted rw to install
> the modules.

They are supposed to be modified at boot time to ensure that they are
generated correctly, and the filesystem must be read/write at that time as

 - mdz

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