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New OpenLDAP 2.1 preview

Hi *, 

A first trial in getting ready-to-install OpenLDAP 2.1 packages ready
can be found on


I'd like to get some feedback on this. I asked Roland to upload these
to experimental after checking if they are okay for him. A lot is left
for the unstable upload, at least

- upgrades do not work (the old config creates a bad directory which
  is only noticed by 2.1)
- reconfiguration depends on removing the old directory first. This 
  should be done by the configuration tool after asking the user

etc. etc.

Installing seems to work though and you can create a new directory 
using a very simple configuration script. Feedback on wanted features
in the final maintainer scripts is more than welcome. The next item 
on the TODO list is a clean and automatic update from stable though...


	Torsten (still on the road)

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