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STOP! Re: Warning: glibc 2.3.1 entering testing soon

> glibc 2.3.1-14 should be entering testing "tomorrow" (sometime around 30
> hours from now, depending on your mirror). Along with it, some 800 other
> source packages and all their binaries are expected to be updated. For
> those of you running testing systems, please take care of the next few
> days' upgrades, as a number of things *will* break.

You'll make m68k unusable with this migration at this time. binutils
is broken, gcc-3.2 doesn't build and the outdated version for m68k
generates wrong code for at least bash and coreutils above -O0. Go
ahead and remove m68k from the architectures which will be releasable
for sarge.

- The binutils testsuite currently fails 46 out of 99 tests. One
  grave bug report is outstanding. I'm currently down to 10 failures,
  but there should be 0.

- gcc-3.2 doesn't bootstrap since December. In unstable, bootstrapping
  in woody does work.

- bash and coreutils are miscompiled at -O1 and above. These are known
  failures. How many are unknown?

- #175526 was filed against libc6 for m68k. Until today nobody did
  show correct test results.

I don't know, which versions of the above packages will be moved to
testing. So my arguments may be invalid against the migration of m68k
packages to testing (but I didn't read about m68k exceptions in your


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