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Re: knoppix/bootcd like software?

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, sean finney wrote:

> good ideas there.  i think keeping it as general as possible is a good
> idea.  however, wrt your post on linuxtag, i think for non i386 archs i
> think it should be possible to do this as well, just minus the knoppix
> stuff, so i'm not sure if it's even necessary to have a separate script
> to do debootstrap's job.
I really do not want to fork from debootstrap.  It is just a design sketch
what can be done and how debootstrap can/should be enhanced to fit the

> earlier in this thread teó suárez posted links to a bunch of stuff that
> hispalinux has been already doing along these lines.  what do you say
> that we do a bit of good ol' Free Software sharing and coordination and
> try and do this?  i'd love to help out.
I would like to suggest that we meet on debian-knoppix list (hosted by linuxtag)
and continue discussion there because it might be (currently) off-topic on
debian-devel and I really do not want to cross-post.

Kind regards


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