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knoppix/bootcd like software?

hey -devel,

so i'm having quite the love affair with this knoppix cd.  in the past
month i've used it as a rescue cd more times than i can remember--like
bringing a laptop back to life after making a devfs kernel and forgetting
to install devfsd (oops)...

anyway, i'm brought to wonder if there is any software out there (and if
any of it is debian-packaged) for making your own live-on-cd debian
mini-distros.  i think it'd be sweet to have a program that would take
a file with list of packages, and install them + dependencies + base
onto a bootable cd.  the automagic configuration that knoppix has would
be nice too.

i've done a bit of debian-based searching, and haven't found anything
on knoppix other than an lg-issue87 article.  i've also found a package
called "bootcd" which does very close to what i'm thinking of, only it
can't be configured to make an iso out of anything other than the current
machine's configuration, which means it won't work on machines with much 
more than 650MB installations.  it does however have a kickstart-like
program with it for installing the cd onto harddisk, which is definitely
a cool feature

does anyone know of other similar efforts in this vein?  if this is a
work in progress for anyone i'd be interested in helping out in some


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