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Re: Some proposals

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 10:51:01PM +0100, Janusz A. Urbanowicz wrote:
> > In the BSD world, ports are not part of the OS.  A release of the OS (on
> > CD or whatever) typically includes a snapshot of the ports tree.  I
> > think we could do something similar using testing.  Maybe any package
> > with priority optional or extra doesn't ever actually get "stable", but
> > instead lives forever in testing and unstable.  Since the OS that we
> > actually release is significantly smaller without optional and extra, we
> > can release more frequently, which makes it easier to insure that
> > packages in testing are going to be installable on stable.
> Please don't. It is its support for packages (lack of separatiln between
> core and ports) that gives Debian the foothold as server OS.

I disagree.  I use FreeBSD at work (had to, it was already there before
I arrived) and while I'd much prefer to run "my" OS, I am very happy
with the ports system.  It allows for a rapid release cycle (Typically 1
release per quarter) and still produces a high quality server OS with
loads of apps.

I think that if we could tie the testing distribution into such a
system, we'd be able to offer smoother upgrades and better stability
than the BSD ports system while still speeding up our release cycle.


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