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Re: Some proposals

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 11:41:41AM -0600, Keith G. Murphy wrote:
> Debian as a project just releases core functionality:


> *Everything* else is subprojects, which actually would just be (sets
> of?) unofficial debs that track official releases.


The BSD development model has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread.
I don't think we want to follow their model exactly, but there are some
things that they get right, IMO.

In the BSD world, ports are not part of the OS.  A release of the OS (on
CD or whatever) typically includes a snapshot of the ports tree.  I
think we could do something similar using testing.  Maybe any package
with priority optional or extra doesn't ever actually get "stable", but
instead lives forever in testing and unstable.  Since the OS that we
actually release is significantly smaller without optional and extra, we
can release more frequently, which makes it easier to insure that
packages in testing are going to be installable on stable.

There are problems that would have to be overcome.  Things like
debhelper change, and we'd have to take that in to account when drafting
some kind of policy on how to keep the more fluid optional and extra
packages installable on a stable system.

There's a whole lot to think about to get something like this into a
workable state, but I do believe that smaller releases would allow them
to be made more frequently while still maintaining a high quality.


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