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Re: Future of Debian uncertain?

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 00df01c2dde9$29e2c0c0$0300a8c0@gpgkeys>, "David D.W. Downey" <
david-downey@codecastle.com> writes:

 > Who are you kidding? Everything in Debian is not about
 > developers. It's about the users. You Develop FOR the users. If you
 > have no one using your software your software is useless.

        Who is this you, kemo sabe? It sure is not me. I don't develop
 for the users, I develop code for purely selfish reasons. 

 > This is one of the main reasons I'm leaving the Debian project (as
 > are several others I know as well).

        I wish you well.

 > Developers have gotten this high and mighty attitude like they're
 > special and the users are beneath them. (No not all of the
 > developers are like this thank god, but there are enough that I
 > constantly field complaints about it in a certain IRC channel.)

        I don't think users are below developes. I just don't want to
 develop code for others. What is in it for me?

 > Those of you that think your mighty programming skills make you a
 > God, or some such tripe.. Remember, if we the users don't USE your
 > software, you're only coding for yourself.


 > That may be how you wish it in the end anyways, but don't expect
 > great things for Debian should this happen.

        As long as Debian can server as a proper system for my
 network, it has achieved all the greatness I ever envisaged for it.

 > Wake up guys, smell the coffee. WHY do you think you
 > constantly get emails about the supposedly elitist attitude, the
 > need for change and the desire to see Debian wake up and change?

        I also get emails about world peace and brotherhood of man.

 > And it's not just coming form newbies. It's coming from some pretty
 > respected people all over the industry, from all over the Linux
 > (hate this term but it works..) community. People such as myself
 > that have used linux since SLS Linux first hit the streets so to
 > speak.

        And? I also want people to stop eating meat. Are you going to
 turn vegetarian now?

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