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Re: Future of Debian uncertain?

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 05:26:24PM -0900, Britton wrote:
> You are not making sense here.  Commercial entities have to pay their
> employees, so of course they can only afford to work on the most urgent
> problems.  This is in fact a big weakness that businesses have.  We have
> volunteers, not employees, and can afford to allow developers to work on
> what they are qualified for and interested in, rather than trying to
> brute force them into doing particular jobs.

Sorry.  My point, I suppose boils down to:  Just because somebody's
willing to do the work doesn't mean that the work needs to get done.
Similarly, just because a particular job needs to get done doesn't mean
that having a bunch of workers around is going to help at all.

We've got plenty of package maintainers.  What we're short on is people
to address our actual technical flaws.  We need a "help wanted" section.
I'd like us to be able to say "well, it's nice that you want to package
Foo, but why don't you try submitting an RFP first?"  We shouldn't
actively exclude participation, but we should be sure that the
participants that become an official part of the Debian project are
willing, able, and interested in helping improve the project.


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