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Re: Future of Debian uncertain?

> Commercial entities only hire when there are jobs open.  We have job
> openings.  We need people to work on the new installer, for one thing.
> We have more than enough packages already, and we don't need more
> package maintainers.

You are not making sense here.  Commercial entities have to pay their
employees, so of course they can only afford to work on the most urgent
problems.  This is in fact a big weakness that businesses have.  We have
volunteers, not employees, and can afford to allow developers to work on
what they are qualified for and interested in, rather than trying to
brute force them into doing particular jobs.

Can you actually show that allowing people to package software they like
hurts the development of a new installer?  I contend that exactly the
opposite is the case: by getting more developers participating, the
chances of recruiting exceptional developers who are profoundly useful to
the project are increased.

Britton Kerin

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