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Re: magazine packagine (was Re: Bug#181860: ITP: phrack-issueXX -- Phrack Magazine Issues)

Joey Hess wrote:
> Me too. I think it makes sense to have separate packages for the last n
> editions, where n is some reasonable number like 2 or 3 (sometimes we
> get behind in our magazine reading). But after that, why not just one
> big package for all the back issues, if they must be packaged?

That's an interesting thought. One disadvantage of a archive of issues
is that it would have to be redownloaded everytime an a new issue is
added to the archive. Though separate issues do increase the size of
the Packages file, they reduce the need to download updates to
multi-megabyte archives.
> > Would it make more sense to instead make an installer that can download
> > desired issues? (The same installer could then be used for Linux
> > Gazette, ridding us of many packages.)

To my thinking, there is benefit to having local Debian mirrors
containing the contents versus relying on the continued presence of a
single upstream node. And while I'm sensitive to the size of the
Debian archive (I host rsync mirrors of the archive on two networks),
I'm not convinced there is a benefit in "ridding us of many packages."

> It makes more sense for me to just use a web browser, but whatever. :-)

Web browsers are fine if you have an fast, persistent internet
connection. I often travel with my laptop without network

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