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Re: Defoma Orphaned?

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 02:10:26PM -0500, Anthony Awtrey wrote:
> I have never maintained a package before and hesitate to ask for the 
> responsibility to maintain something as key as defoma. However, I am 
> very interested in helping with font issues both in X and with 
> Ghostscript / OpenOffice. If someone is going to adopt Defoma and wants 
> help with bugs and documentation, I'd like to volunteer!

I fine way to help with the package, which doesn't even require any
committment, is to submit bugreports including patches.  By including
the patches in bug reports (and setting the "patch" tag on the bug
report), you insure that there's a record of your contribution and that
whoever the maintainer can't misplace or forget about the patch.  That's
especially important now, since defoma hasn't yet been adopted by

> Because I was frustrated with the hinting program that came with Defoma, 
> I wrote a Defoma auto-hinter in C against the Freetype2 libraries 
> that'll rip through 1300 fonts in about a second and generate a properly 
> formatted Defoma hint file automagically. Of course, my poor old laptop 
> blows up trying to add them due to the memory leak in the defoma-font 
> program, but that is why I want to work with the package maintainer. ;)

See above.  Patches are more than welcome.


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