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Defoma Orphaned?

Hello the list,

I am interested in helping with the Debian Font Manager. I wrote the former maintainer in January, but never heard back. Then I read this in the Debian Weekly News:


I have never maintained a package before and hesitate to ask for the responsibility to maintain something as key as defoma. However, I am very interested in helping with font issues both in X and with Ghostscript / OpenOffice. If someone is going to adopt Defoma and wants help with bugs and documentation, I'd like to volunteer!

Because I was frustrated with the hinting program that came with Defoma, I wrote a Defoma auto-hinter in C against the Freetype2 libraries that'll rip through 1300 fonts in about a second and generate a properly formatted Defoma hint file automagically. Of course, my poor old laptop blows up trying to add them due to the memory leak in the defoma-font program, but that is why I want to work with the package maintainer. ;)

Anthony L. Awtrey
Vice President
I.D.E.A.L. Technology Corporation - Melbourne Office
http://www.idealcorp.com - 321.728.0207

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