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Re: problem with Debian mailing list (unsubscribing)?

Drew Parsons <dparsons@emerall.com> wrote:
> It has been requested that the following address:

>       dparsons@emerall.com

> should be deleted from the debian-devel mailing list.

> Sorry, but this address has NOT been found on the list.
> ==============

> I've also tried with dparsons@debian.org, but got the same response (I think
> dparsons@emerall.com is the one actually subscribed).

> So is there any reason why the list server thinks I'm not subscribed (while
> it happily keeps inundating with mail from the lists!) ?

Thake a look at the headers of the messages you receive to check out
which address really is subscribed, especially "Return-path" and
"Received" help.

| From bounce-debian-devel=ametzler=downhill.at.eu.org@lists.debian.org Tue Feb 18 00:05:57 2003
| Return-path: <bounce-debian-devel=ametzler=downhill.at.eu.org@lists.debian.org>
| Received: from murphy.debian.org (murphy.debian.org [])
|         by mx1.univie.ac.at (8.12.2/8.12.2) with ESMTP id h1HN5a9Q076078
|         for <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org>; Tue, 18 Feb 2003 00:05:38 +0100

I am subscribed as ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org.
              cu andreas

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