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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

Manoj Srivastava (2003-02-14 02:52:39 -0600) :


> If you remember, denial of service attacks also cause little data
> loss. The user is just incoveninced, that's all, right? They can't
> use the program that they had installed, no skin off cnn.com's nose,
> eh? Wrong.

No skin off cnn.com's nose maybe, but Debian as a project certainly
suffers a loss in reputation, like CNN does when they are attacked
with a DOS trojan.  The loss may be judged as more or less important
for the end user (maybe even *by* the end user), but the loss for
Debian is undoubtedly real.

Roland Mas

C   c e    e l    m  re q   j  l   a l  l  iè e  .
  -- Signatures à collectionner, série n°1, partie 3/3.

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