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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

Hi all,

At the risk of sounding resoundingly stupid, why not try to work out the 
differences between you and upstream? I get the impression that this 
would the solve the problem as a whole. If you feel that upstream 
refuses to be reasonable, then remove the offending bit of code, upload 
a 'safe' version and orphan the package. Or better yet, offer the 
package to someone else you trust who could try to work out the problem. 
Requesting permanent removal is a brute force political move and I 
don't think enough people will support it. I do hope that this can get 
worked out in as peaceful a method as possible.

Good Luck,

Matthew McGuire

PS: Crap. I am starting to sound like a U.N. representative. Phooey.


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