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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 20:25, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> > should not lead to a behaviour like the one described above.
> If you require to be tripped till you fall onto your mouth before you start
> listening, then that's what's gonna happen.

An appropriate way to make him "fall on his mouth" would be to start a heated 
discussion on this list regarding the matter.  That is what happened with the 
QT packages.

Putting a trojan horse in your program is not the appropriate solution.

> > with Debian anymore (especially since nobody knows what idea upstream
> > will have as next, maybe it's a very funny 'rm -rf /'?).
> Y'know, that's funny. I guess you know that the difference between a binary
> dying the maintainer-sucks-death and a binary deleting stuff is more than
> just quantity.

There was an occasion where a shareware author wanted his program to delete 
itself, but it had a bug and deleted entire systems.  If the same program had 
a bug which accidentally deleted files in the course of normal operation (IE 
the administrator requests file A to be deleted but file B gets deleted due 
to the bug) then it would not be a serious issue (just a really annoying and 
painful bug).  When the code that does the bad action is put in with 
malicious intent and hidden then it's a totally different situation.

> Removing an author of a program from the authors list is neither nice nor
> legal.

Issues such as that should be raised for discussion with the relevant people.  
The FTP administrators, debian-private, debian-legal, or this list.

It's too late to complain about someone doing something that rates 2/10 on the 
badness scale when you've reached 9/10 in your response!

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