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Re: OpenSSL 0.9.6/0.9.7, LDAP, SSH, friends

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Sam Hartman wrote:
>     Henrique> Huh? All our archs accept, and work with versioned
>     Henrique> symbols the same way.  They use the same toolchain and
>     Henrique> runtime linker now...
> You'd really like to use a version script similar to
> version_1 {
> global:
> *}
> But you cannot do this because there are symbols included statically
> in all shared libraries on some architectures that cannot or should
> not be versioned.  Because of what I think is a linker bug, things
> break badly on these architectures if you version all symbols.

Eek. Yeah, that WOULD be a pain.  Any of them in the _* hierarchy?

Still, linker bugs CAN be fixed, and if we can have a roster of the symbols
that must not be versioned, lintian and linda tests added.

For SASL2 2.1.7, I was thinking of versioning like this (idea from 
Antti Salmela <asalmela@iki.fi>):

+SASL2_1.7 {
+    global:
+           sasl_*;
+    local:
+           _*;

This won't work with libs that scatter symbols everywhere in the namespace,

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