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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Le Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 11:59:51AM -0400, marco trevisani écrivait:
> Hi All,


> 1) Collaboration, cooperation, discussion and involvement with Debian 
> maintainers is much easier, obvious and reasonable from within the project 
> rather than from outside (even if the outside group is based on 
> volunteer job or small grant received, there is always the suspicion 
> that you want to take advantage of other people work, which does not 
> sound good).
> 2) changes and policy to make a good subproject could be discussed by a 
> group so every maintainer can put is tip on the matter and the result is 
> a better integrated group of applications.
> 3) Better integration with the other internal projects
> 4) A group that at the end is quite small can't take care, develop and 
> maintain an entire distribution even if based on an existing 
> distribution, without compromising the quality of the project.
I gave some other good reasons today during the DebianEdu speak I gave
at fosdem. You can more easily attract contributors as a Debian
subproject because people know where they are going, they share the
common basis formed by the DFSG and that's enough for them to start

And the fact that you're integrated into Debian means that you're going
to cooperate with maintainers not necessarly interested in your own
subproject ... and if you ask them to do stupid things, they'll just
refuse ... it's a supplementary level of peer review, that way you can
be sure that the changes you bring makes sense on a broader point of

> ...and there is more of course...
> So what to do next?

Basically just start where you want :
- ask for a list to host discussions about the subproject
- start sending patches for some packages
- submit new packages that you need
- if needed register as applicant on the new maintainer web site so that
  you can fly on your own one day and find sponsors in the mean time to
  upload packages

Just make sure to make you work known (with Debian Weekly News, LWN or a
simple mail on -devel-announce ...) in order to attract more
contributors. Don't expect too much from others at the beginning or you
might be disappointed.

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