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Re: Freeze Please?

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:01:46AM -0500, Michael Stone wrote:

 > >As far as the theory goes, "'testing' is an automated way of keeping a
 > >suite [...] in an essentially releasable state".
 > NO!!!! "testing" is an automated way of keeping a set of packages
 > internally consistent. That is all.

 See the quotes?  Those are not my words, and I don't think I should
 challenge the definition given by the person who implemented the idea.

 We all agree on a simple fact: testing has security problems and in its
 present status it can't be released (ergo your negative).  The release
 manger said that the infrastructure required to fix this is there, but
 there are not volunteers to prepare security updates.  As I understand
 it, the release manager is saying that if you upload the pacakges to
 the security incoming queue, they will make its way into testing (btw
 AJ, thanks for the hint, I found the document which you so kindly
 pointed me to).



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