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Re: (re)compiling debian packages with ccc

Hi Ted!

You wrote:

> It was my (perhaps ignorant?) understanding that GCC3.2 closed the gap (at
> least made the gap a lot smaller) between GCC and CCC.  Am I wrong?  (I have
> yet to test this, however, as I don't have GCC3.2 working on my alpha.)

I'm not sure if the gap has become smaller, but ccc still generated code
that is a lot faster than gcc-3.2.

For example, take a look at these results from SCIbench
(http://math.nist.gov/scimark2), generated on an quadruple-proc EV67
machine (running Tru64 Unix btw, not Linux):

Compaq C compiler, V6.4-014 
CFLAGS = -arch ev67 -fast -O4
| Composite Score:          195.47
| FFT             Mflops:   207.66    (N=1024)
| SOR             Mflops:   235.00    (100 x 100)
| MonteCarlo:     Mflops:    53.33
| Sparse matmult  Mflops:   177.93    (N=1000, nz=5000)
| LU              Mflops:   303.42    (M=100, N=100)

GNU C compiler, V3.2.1
CFLAGS = -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math -mcpu=ev67
| Composite Score:          137.18
| FFT             Mflops:   188.23    (N=1024)
| SOR             Mflops:   167.08    (100 x 100)
| MonteCarlo:     Mflops:    49.71
| Sparse matmult  Mflops:   163.85    (N=1000, nz=5000)
| LU              Mflops:   117.03    (M=100, N=100)

Kind regards,
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|----------------------------| Fingerprint: c1f5 f24c d514 3fec 8bf6 |
| bas@o2w.nl, bas@debian.org |              a2b1 2bae e41f 0644 fab7 |

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