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Re: Compiling Debian packages for DJGPP ?

Hi Jeremie!

You wrote:

> I'm planning to try compiling some Debian packages for FreeDOS, using
> DJGPP. I too shy to use the word "debian port", but that's the idea ;).
> I've crossposted this to the djgpp-workers and debian-devel mailing
> lists, to know what you all nice poeple think about this, and to know
> what level of assistance (compassion?) I can expect from you.

I was under the impression that djgpp could only generate 32 bit i386
code, while FreeDOS is essentially 16 bit.  
I have been trying to get it to build with bcc "Bryan's C Compiler", but
I haven't been able to get it working (the biggest problem being the
lack of documentation for bcc and me knowing very little of compilers
and i86 assembly).

It would be very nice if you would be able to get FreeDOS compiled with
a free compiler though, as this would mean that we can finally include
it in Debian and move dosemu from contrib to main.

Kind regards,
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