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Re: game task proposal 1 (replace nethack with real one)

Joey Hess wrote:

Hmm. I find it hard to imagine that Ben intends to eventually drop the
nethack package from debian entirely. That would make apt-get install
nethack not work, probably not a good idea.

The only nethack I really want in the task is the character-based one.
At the moment nethack does the right thing there, more or less. I will
change it to nethack-x11 if Ben asks me to.

The nethack package is definitely not going away -- it's not a "transition" package to nethack-x11. If we want to make absolutely sure that gnome/qt don't get installed (i.e. the order of the nethack package alternatives doesn't change) we can make the task depend on nethack-x11, which would be fine. Otherwise, leaving it as just nethack is fine too.


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