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Re: Latest libfreetype borkage

On Monday 03 February 2003 15:52, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > > Just upgraded to libfreetype6-2.1.3-8 and its looking good. However it
> > > doesn't render true type fonts properly when they are bold. For
> > > instance with arial it renders they glyphs wide with some messy
> > > artifacts (especially on lowercase w/v) and completely screws the
> > > kerning. Development is a nice word to show what its like.
> >
> > I probably should have mentioned that im using RGB sub pixel aliasing on
> > my LCD display too. This is turned on both in the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
> > and in the kde control center (kde 3.1).
> Most often those people who send random complaints
> are LCD display users, OTOH CRT users seem mostly happy about it.
> What kind of borkage you are talking about is beyond me
> (it should really be trivial to get a screenshot and
> put it up on a webpage somwhere for people to be able to
> see what you are talking about)
I see borkage too. One of the problems is very simple: the number 4 in Arial 
is shown without the horizonal line (looks like a v turned upside down). 
Kerning is slightly odd too, but I am not sure it is wrong, it just used to 
look different.


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