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rancid is strange configured

hi list,
rancid is a tool in non-free; buildd doesn't recompile for every architecture
if the package it's non-free, so to avoid problem (i don't have other archs
than i386) i created in the sources of rancid, a meta package called
rancid-installer, which (like the one for pine) advise ppl to download
newer sources for rancid and recompile them by their own.
The debian/control for rancid looks like this:

Source: rancid
Section: non-free/net

Package: rancid-core
Architecture: i386

Package: rancid-installer
Section: net
Architecture: all

this thing seems to have something strange: from when i added rancid-installer
buildd try to compile all the rancid  stuff for every arch, but it shouldn't .

Is there something strange in the buildd process or is there something wrong 
in my ideas ?

Also to make it compile when you get the source i had to add a command line 
of sed to change the architecture section in debian/control .

Do you think it's the right way or can you suggest me better solutions to


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